As a buyer, you rely on your realtor. He or she represents you in one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. In an ideal match, you will have an absolute trust in your realtor’s motives, ethics, market knowledge, and professionalism.

I have learned that people largely buy or sell homes on the basis of emotion. Although buying a home is often the single most important financial decision people make, many approach buying or selling real estate with very little accurate information. They act from their heart – which is good – but they also need accurate and relevant information. Imagine how someone feels two years later when discovering their house is worth less than what they paid for it, or the home has serious foundation issues that are very costly to fix – it happens all the time. I believe that home ownership is part of an overall financial plan and should be approached in a businesslike manner, but it also has to meet and appeal to one’s emotional needs. It’s a “head and heart” decision.

Giving my clients all their options for their particular situation is one of my most important goals. I approach the real estate business as a consultant instead of a salesperson. I never “sell” my clients, but rather give them all the information necessary to make well-informed decisions.

I am passionate about understanding the needs of my buyers; I listen, I educate, and I offer unbiased advice that is needed for a successful real estate transaction. Rest assured, I will not put you into a home that I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting my own family into. You are the home buyer, I simply facilitate the home buying process

I care about the needs of my clients and I will do whatever it takes when it comes to your best interests. Your needs always come first.

— Mike


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